Meixner Foundation

The Meixner Foundation was established in 1992 by Mrs. Meixner Ildikó and her students. It is a non-profit organization, superiorly qualified and of public utility, the main purpose of which is the dissemination and development of the Meixner methodology.

The activity of the foundation is focused on three main directions:

1. It supports the Meixner Methodology and Therapy Center – where they diagnose and provide therapy (prevention and reeducation) for children suffering from speech disorders (dysphasia), writing-reading disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia) and calculating disorders (dyscalculia).
2. It works closely with a middle school of 8 grades, with 160 children in attendance. Within each class, up to 6 children suffering from learning disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia) are registered and to whom the Meixner method is applied. Children with such problems receive intensive daily therapy, to help them respond more easily to the requirements. This institution also has an arts and music profile.

3. It organizes accredited trainings for education personnel (teachers, speech therapists, psycho-pedagogues, psychologists) since 1993, with the purpose of forming as many specialists as possible in the field of speech disorders diagnosis and therapy through the Meixner method.
Specialists from the foundation lectured at several institutions from Romania or the Republic of Moldavia among which we mention: Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj), Tibiscus University (Timisoara), The Romanian Association for Dyslexic Children (Targu Mures), Sapientia University (Miercurea Ciuc) or the State University in Chisinau. The experience of the foundation’s specialists is confirmed by the large number of published works, books and collections of exercises that they thought up, which are used and recommended both in Hungary and in other countries.

About Dr. MEIXNER Ildikó (1928-2000)

Dr. Meixner was one of the foremost figures in the field of deficientology, pedagogy and psychology in Hungary, who also founded contemporary pedagogy. She pioneered diagnosis and therapy of speech and learning disorders. The theory that she developed is a psycho-linguistic theory, which explains speech and learning disorders through anomalies which appear in the process of acquiring language. She managed to merge theoretic research with teaching practice since the beginning. During her 50 years of activity she created and developed a specific pedagogic method for learning reading and writing, orthography, and speech development. The basic principles of the Meixner pedagogy are compatible with the results of state of the art research. This type of pedagogy leads to a development of habits necessary for reading and writing acquisition by means of interesting, varied and clever exercises. Thus it is possible for the children to learn while playing, through multiple activities. The Meixner Foundation, which is named after its creator, has as its purpose the implementation and development of these methods.