ADORJÁN Katalin psychologist, speech therapist

She graduated the Bárczi Gusztáv Deficientology Faculty and the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest, specializing in Psychology. She also holds an International Diploma of Montessori Teacher, from the Montessori Faculty in Munich, Germany. She currently holds a position as secretary of the organization of dyslexic children’s parents in Hungary, where she organizes systematic courses. She started working together with Dr. Meixner Ildikó in 1981, and starting with 1992 she becomes a member in the Meixner Foundation Curatory, the year when it was founded. Within the foundation she is the coordinator for trainings of the Meixner specialists.

She is the author of many books and teaching aids in the field of differential diagnosis and dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia therapy. She lectures on the Meixner methodology at higher education institutions in countries such as Slovakia, Ukraine, the Moldavian Republic, Hungary and Romania.

Through the large number of activities she involved herself in until present she substantially contributed to the support, dissemination and development of the Meixner method. Her professionalism and tenacity are well-known to the community of Hungarian specialists, which is the reason why she is thought to be the Mrs. Meixner’s successor.

Hodicska Tiborné deficientologist, psycho-pedagogue

Hodicska Tiborné -  DislexieShe graduated the Pedagogy Faculty in Budapest and the Bárczi Gusztáv Deficientology Faculty, specializing in Deficientology and Psycho-pedagogy. Since 1989 she is part of the specialist team run by Doctor Ildikó Meixner and becomes a member in the Meixner Foundation Curatory, the year when it was founded. Within the foundation she coordinates the applied activities of the participants to the Meixner training.

She holds a vast experience in the field of personal and group therapies destined for dyslexic children and is the author of several books and exercise collections in the field.

She lived in Bucharest for a long time, where she contributed to the popularity and adaptation of the Meixner method to the Romanian language, both in Romania and in the Moldavian Republic.

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