Coordnators and activities

The camp includes both fun and educational activities for children and teenagers, as well as group activities which will provide a warm and safe environment in order for children to have positive affective states along with their parents.

Group activities for personal development, with emphasis on developing creativity by means of structured games, art-therapy, dramatization and improvisation.

• Group training games, accommodation, development of communication and the ability to trust others, developing self-awareness and self-evaluation, techniques for verbal expression and developing cooperation ability.
• Games aimed at developing creativity, fantasy and imagination
Group activities for children and parents
• Group therapy program focused on improving parent-child relationship

Creative and recreational activities

• Creative workshops (woolen jewelry manufacture, candles, painting on fabric)
• Society games
• Karaoke
• Sports & paddle the boats on the pond
• Outdoor cinema

Group activities for parents

• Watch and discuss movies, stories about dyslexia
• Discussions about educating dyslexic children
• Introducing the concept of resilience
• Sharing best practice in educating children
• Burn-out phenomenon and possibilities of prevention


Workshops and group activities will be coordinatedby Erika Kacsó, psychologist and Éva Bartók, speech specialist who will be supported by the presence of “Big Brothers”. Big Brothers are adult individuals who lived similar experiences and who will recount and explain to children the problems encountered by them in society.

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