Sindelar Method

The Sindelar cognitive development program is a prevention and therapy method dedicated to children with dyslexia predisposition (5-7 years old) and to children suffering from dyslexia (7-15 years old). The method developed by the Austrian psychologist Brigitte Sindelar focuses on tracking and developing of those cognitive abilities, the dysfunction of which causes the occurrence of learning disorders.

The application of the program involves an investigation through the Sindelar test, based on which an individualized intervention plan is developed. In Sindelar’s opinion, therapy needs to be initiated from the “roots”, where cognitive capacities still operate properly.

Sindelar therapy includes a series of cognitive development exercises, focusing on visual differentiation, background-shape visual differentiation auditory differentiation, background-shape auditory differentiation, visual memory, auditory memory, inter-modality, sequence and space orientation.

The therapy requires the daily practice, for 10 minutes, of one of the dysfunctional cognitive capacities, which involves active cooperation between parents and specialists in the Sindelar method. The first positive results appear after 3 months, but the therapy is a long-term one.

After the adequate application of the Sindelar program, cognitive abilities start to develop, which ensure a more solid basis in the acquisition of reading-writing abilities.

The exercises can be combined with other development procedures, such as speech therapy. This therapy was not yet adapted for Romanian language.